Reviewed by Colette Rupp on 09/13/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I have been using Swift Fleet Service for the past year. I am beyond Happy and Satisfied with the amazing service they provide. Not only do they provide speedy and excellence customer service but the entire staff goes out of their way to fulfill all our needs, even those that are completely last minute, of which we have many! Thank you Swift Fleet Service for be an Outstanding Team that I can lean on everyday!!! Your services are greatly appreciated!!!! If I could give you ten stars, I would!
Reviewed by Jeff Price on 08/17/2020
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good UPDATE: This company recently contacted me about the labor reimbursement. They didn't get the reimbursement for the labor like they were supposed to but they did step up and pay us back for a fair labor charge. They could have left is along but they did do the right thing later on. I had a truck that broke down several month ago and this company attempted to fix it. They got me for several other things before they figured it out and I was stuck paying for it. Once they said it was fixed it made it about 100 miles and started doing the same thing(Emissions related). A part they replaced went bad. I get it, it's a big piece of metal and that stuff happens. They did get the part taken care of under warranty but never did reimburse us for the labor that they said they would. I tried a few times that's why I'm so late on leaving a review.
Reviewed by Anthony Guillory on 06/21/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Great service, and fast response. I would recommend to everyone.
Reviewed by Maaco West Houston on 07/17/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Very fair and professional company. We had our tow truck broken down on the road in the middle of the night, and their tech arrived within the time frame I was told. Repaired our truck right there on the road, and there rates were exactly what I was told they would be (no hidden charges). Very happy with my experience, and they will be our very first call from now on.
Reviewed by josey wood on 09/17/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Nothing but perfection out of any task that I have asked to be completed for my company. I give Mary ridiculous deadlines and she insures they are met every time. My 1st go to if I’m not available to get something done