Reviewed by Montana Tyler on 03/23/2021
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent The best and the precious you will ever find anywhere. The pasta is made there. Sauces for any type of meal that you would want to make. And the staff is very nice and pleasant.
Reviewed by Hannah Solley on 12/30/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I love the fresh raviolis at Talluto's! They are so fresh and the filing is delicious. Now with covid, they have a pre-ordering service so it's a great thing to call ahead and place your order. They are very busy and I believe they do local delivery now. There fresh pasta sheets for lasagna are always a hit!
Reviewed by Frank St. George on 03/09/2021
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Excellent italian foods, manicottis are just as good as homemade, meatballs are excellent, pretty much everything is good.
Reviewed by Daniel Venter on 07/05/2020
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor I bought fresh spaghetti from Talluto’s, it is the first and last time I will be a patron of their store. I told the lady behind the counter I was making carbonara on Saturday, purchasing my pasta on Thursday afternoon. She told me fresh would be better than boxed, that it would keep until Saturday, and make a tastier dish. Long story short, I am very glad I bought boxed pasta as a backup or I would have had nothing to serve my guest!! The fresh pasta she sold me was three times as expensive, infinitely lumpier, and terribly less edible. What a disappointment. I knew as soon as I unwrapped the pasta I was in trouble. When I peeled back the paper a clumped together mass of half way dry pasta greeted me. “No worries, Talluto’s promised this will be good” I naively thought as I plopped the pasta into my salted water “two minutes from now I will be eating perfectly cooked pasta”. Lo and behold, after three minutes I had a pot half full of mushy noodles, and half full of hard clumps of pasta. Zero of the pot was full of edible spaghetti. Thankfully I can say user error did not come into play since cooking instructions are printed on the inside of the paper wrapper. I followed them meticulously - but like any treasure map made with the sole purpose of confounding it’s holder this guide brought me no closer to the treasure of perfect pasta. What a night. If you would like to spend less money for the same result, try throwing some raw flour and egg into a pot of boiling water and see what happens. The result of this haphazard cooking method will approximate Talluto’s fresh pasta. I promise you.
Reviewed by anita brazill on 10/23/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Fantastic food, nice staff. The manager Dave is courteous and professional. Love their pasta
Retna S.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
My favorite is the cheese ravioli. It retains its form and doesn't easily falls apart. The gnocchis are pretty good too. There are a lot of other frozen...
by Retna S. on 11/03/2018
Harvey W.
1 Star Rating: Poor
The staff are mouthy and rude. I would not go in this place again. Frozen pastas are overpriced and mediocre. Prepared foods do not have prices on them so...
by Harvey W. on 05/08/2021
Karen F.
2 Star Rating: Below Average
I was thrilled to see my local Giant (in Aston, PA) carried Talluto's frozen beef ravioli and I caved and bought a dozen (1 box) for $7.99. They were so...
by Karen F. on 06/30/2020