Reviewed by Adam Twersky on 08/12/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I've only had the Chicken Chaat, but it's so good I'm nervous to stray from it. The mild dish is sweet with a kick, perfect those who don't like spicy food. (Heads up, it's served cold, but a delicious meal nonetheless.)
Reviewed by Sanjay Sakaria on 06/14/2019
Rating: 2 Star Rating: Below Average Unassuming neighborhood Indian snack shop. Looks a bit run down. Empty when we went in on a Friday night. Lackluster counter service from an employee who didn't seem very happy to see us. Inexpensive menu with small portions. We tried a few small plates and were not impressed with the food or service.
Reviewed by Jakeer Hussain on 08/08/2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating: Average The food options are poor if you ask me. The Chaat and Lassi are really good though (apart from 1 occasion she did not put enough sauce or yougut in the Chaat. Defo worth going for the Chaat selections.
Reviewed by Sazzad Hossain on 08/01/2019
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor Very disappointing and unprofessional!!! I lived in University city for four years and used to go to this place sometimes. Today while visiting the university city after almost a year, I visited this place. I am surprised to see their current service. Its gotten worse. I ordered for a Papri chaat and it looked really dry. I asked the lady who was serving if she can add extra tamarind sauce. She looked annoyed and said "I aleady put tamarind sauce". It looked really odd to me and wasn't expecting that answer. I mentioned the word 'extra', which means I know you already put tamarind sauce. Anyways, she gave me taramind sauce which was barely 1/3 of a small cup (I was surprised there as well!!!). I didn't know the biggest surprise is yet to come! I found only about three items in the Papri Chaat. 1) papri, 2) couple of potato pieces and 3) couple of chickpea peices. I don't know how they call it Papri Chaat!! :o The last time I had Papri Chaat at the same place over a year ago, there were yogurt, mango peices, salads, onions, something like dry canberry, and few more items. It used to be really good. I don't know what happened now! I don't think I will ever recommend this place to anyone again. An update: I had stomach upset on the night after having this papri chaat. I have seen similar issue in one of the previous reviews!!
Reviewed by Naveen Himthani on 05/25/2019
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor Had a really bad experience. Stomach upset after having Dahi Bhalla. This place might make Desi people nostalgic but don't fall for it.

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