Reviewed by Jesse Smith-Dow on 02/11/2020
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor To hell with this place. I came here, I waited in the chair for over an hour for a dentist to come. No one came and I finally got up and asked when I was going to be seen. The dentist saw me for about a minute and told me a I needed a treatment that requires a prior authorization and I needed to wait 2 weeks for the authorization to go through. I was told I would need to come back twice. I followed up with my insurance, I didn’t need a prior authorization at all. So they tried turning what was supposed to be one visit into THREE. Not sure what the deal is here, but this place sucks.
Reviewed by Melyssa Melz on 09/23/2019
Rating: 2 Star Rating: Below Average I’ve been waiting for this appointment for a month and thirty minutes before i come in for my appointment (mind you i made my day free for this) they say OH YOUR CLAIM WAS DENIED SORRY. yeah thanks for that !!!! Nice doctor but this will definitely make me look elsewhere. And yes i altered my last name on here because i don’t like people snooping in my business.
Reviewed by Ree Invented on 10/18/2019
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor Horrible experience! The light skin female with the hot pink lips acted as if she was too cute to perform good customer service, although the other receptionist with the red hair was super nice and professional. The dentist was nice although I feel they may be money driven , but that dental assistant that thinks he is a comedian has GOT TO GO!!!! I am terrified of the dentist and I made up in my mind that it is time to take care of my teeth,. I never in my whole life had a "dental assistant"constantly insult me about my teeth. If I was not in pain I would have walked out of there.Where is the kindness and consideration? Never again!!!
Reviewed by Quanesha Maybank on 11/11/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I love Dr.Patel,Diana , and Bruno.They are so professional and make you feel safe and at ease.He did my root canal.They are very understanding and knowledgeable.The atmosphere is great.Im sticking with them.Eveyone is nice.Some people can be a little more friendly and professional but for the most part I highly recommend this office and dentist. Keep it up guys I see greater things for this place.
Reviewed by Fendi 328 on 11/15/2019
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor The lady at the front desk with the hot pink lips was extremely incompetent as well as rude and dismissive with disclosing information to me about my insurance coverage. Will NOT be coming back to an office where the receptionist is lazy with the worst personality to have in healthcare. She also passes the phone call off to other people if she cant answer your question. She needs a reality check bad

Kristen K.
1 Star Rating: Poor
Poor customer service and not at all LGBT friendly staff. Got an uncomfortable feeling from the start. I'm a white woman and even though my appt was later...
by Kristen K. on 07/26/2019
Eboni F.
1 Star Rating: Poor
Dr. Jasmine performed the quickest, laziest teeth cleaning I've EVER experienced. It took longer in the wait room and xrays than the cleaning. After...
by Eboni F. on 11/10/2017
Lisa M.
1 Star Rating: Poor
From the moment I got there, I didn't have a good feeling about this place. it was all about the money from the get-go. I should have trusted my instinct....
by Lisa M. on 07/11/2018

Verify your coverages 1st and Use the rest room before you come. You would think this was a concentration camp for overweight seniors.... They should at least invest in a new one.
by Cass on 07/02/2014