Reviewed by Todd Snee on 08/07/2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating: Average While on the hunt for a solid seafood restaurant that didn't break the bank too badly, this place seemed to be a good choice. I will say, my family and I enjoyed our food. It was properly prepared, and arrived hot. This didn't occur without faults, however... The service time was very slow. While I understand that the volume was high, with both dine in & take out, this type of food does not take extreme time to prepare. We didn't have a specifically assigned waitress, as all three were at the table at some point. The owner was nice, but should allow the waitresses to do their job rather than also trying to assist customers. The food is served in to-go containers and plastic baskets, and the crabs are hard to open with only plastic utencils. Furthermore, the plastic souffle cups are stored in the bathroom on the floor, which probably isn't the most sanitary. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go here, but if you do, know that the food will be good, but the service and environment will puzzle you.
Reviewed by Cal But on 10/10/2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good Nice waitress. Very good food. Be prepared to wait to get your food. We eat there every time we are in Wildwood.
Reviewed by Casino Music on 08/18/2019
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor My friends and I stopped here to get food because we were at wildwood beach. We ordered shrimp, corn, fries, a baked potato, and the garlic butter crabs. Everything was nasty. The crabs were little, scrawny, with no meat in them. The shrimp was over cooked and not seasoned well and barely any butter on it. We told the waitress that we were very disappointed with our food and she took it back. 5 minutes later the owner/cook whoever he was came to our table to ask us what was wrong with the food and we told him that we didn’t like it and everything else that I’ve described above. He was very rude and kicked us out all because we didn’t like our food. That was very unprofessional and I can’t even believe that is how they treat their customers. I truly believe it was because of our race (African American). There is no reason someone should get kicked out because we didn’t like the food. Never would recommend this place to anyone.
Reviewed by John Byrne on 09/25/2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating: Average Saved the late September Tuesday night for us ~9pm as nothing else was open. While they didn't have any more of the corn-chowder soup I was hoping to indulge on, the crabmeat-filled flounder got the job done! Joe even threw in a free beverage. We'll definitely return if out this way again next season or anytime in the future.
Reviewed by Paula Garcia on 08/17/2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating: Average After many years of excellence they've slowly rolled back their efforts. The lobster roll isn't as fresh, they got our order wrong. I thought the same thing last year but hoped I caught an off night.

Jason H.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
I had a fairly enjoyable time here. My wife and I travel to the area every now and again and we make it a point to come here and have a nice dinner. The...
by Jason H. on 09/26/2019
Autumn M.
4 Star Rating: Good
We got take out from here they told us it would be 30-40 mins ok no biggie. We got there the place was packed it was clean and everyone was very friendly....
by Autumn M. on 09/02/2019
Kim L.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
First time here. We came with family and friends and left completely satisfied. From the moment we walked in you can tell this was a GREAT place. It...
by Kim L. on 08/27/2019