Reviewed by Geno Sampson Sr on 10/15/2019
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor My wife LOVES Elton John, and His new book was released today. So we went WAY out of our way to target has to get this book. We get to Target (in Voorhees) and we searched for almost 15 minutes and could not find the book. Now keep in mind today is the day the book was released. They didn't even have a spot in the shelf for it.... Went to the courtesy desk to try and see if they had it and in they did fact have it Finally got the book after waiting for an additional 19 minutes at the courtesy... if you have something to do make sure you do it first before visiting that Target
Reviewed by Raul MacBeth on 10/13/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent The store was very clean & organized. Without even having to ask a staff member recognized I needed help and stop the work he was doing and went out his way to me. He also realized that one of the price scanning machines wasn't working and helped me scan my items.
Reviewed by Carla Vogel on 10/27/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Love target. Great products . Friendly service. Love the drive up. Great prices. Love the computers that help u locate products.
Reviewed by Kathleen Bommer on 10/31/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I am disturbed by the lack of cashiers and the multitude of self -check out counters. I am upset that people are losing jobs. I have used the self check outs and I always have needed someone to help me anyway! I am NOT getting paid to do a cashier's job and now there are less jobs for people! Keep a few self check outs for those people who don't want to wait in any lines or speak to any person, but bring back more human jobs!!
Reviewed by jada Newton on 10/07/2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good This Target is great they remodel it very well. The Starbucks is ok my order didn't taste to good though.

Dean W.
4 Star Rating: Good
The store is currently undergoing a major renovation but still easy to shop. I wish their men's clothing selection was a little better for taller guys, most...
by Dean W. on 07/24/2019
Donnie M.
1 Star Rating: Poor
What....happened?!? We live less than two mile from here and I actually liked going here and looking around. The past couple of months the shelves are...
by Donnie M. on 07/08/2018
Alyssa R.
1 Star Rating: Poor
I'm never coming back here again! I have lived around the corner from this target for years and have always loved it over the other locations. The past...
by Alyssa R. on 07/08/2018

The restrooms are great. Best toilet paper I've seen in a public facility yet. hehe
by Anthony on 03/10/2013