Reviewed by Ray Tenney on 09/22/2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good Food was very good. The nachos are great and the potstickers were very good if you like soy sauce. Quite a few TVs but none are larger an 32inches. Ate late in September, they had the front door and garage door style windows open, great atmosphere. However, this lead to a problem, there were A LOT of flies. Immediately landing on our food and flying around.
Reviewed by Jim Pappas on 10/05/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Stone Harbor Bar and Grill and/or 96th St Pub, Stone Harbor NJ. At $9 and it came with french fries. Stone Harbor I expected it to be a lot more. Cheesy, very good amount of cheese and very good melt and mixed with the meat and fried onions nicely. Definitely needed more meat. Stone Harbor, nice place, $9, french fries and a good amount of meat, I like it.
Reviewed by Kirsten S. on 08/23/2019
Rating: 2 Star Rating: Below Average Ate here for dinner with family members during our annual trip to the shore. It was a busy Friday night and apparently many of the regular servers recently left for school, which may be a factor to why our experience here was mediocre. After we were seated we didn't get a server for a good 20 minutes until someone in our group notified a server. We were able to order our food a few minutes later after receiving drinks. Food took over half an hour to arrive; tables seated after us (some in larger groups) received both drinks and food before we did. Overall the meal itself was just average, hopefully the staff situation improves soon.
Reviewed by Courtney Bogar on 06/27/2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating: Average Food was great, atmosphere was good. I was leaving and I needed to change my daughter as she is 14 months old. I went into the women's room and saw no changing station. I asked the front hosts and they confirmed there was no changing station. Stone Harbor is a family oriented town. Please consider getting a baby station as changing a baby on a bench outside of a restaurant one has dined in leaves a bad taste.
Reviewed by Wayland Lewis on 09/27/2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good Dinner cocktails after a Movie It sports has a nice feel for all ages. It has a bar menu the servings are ok for the price. The plates lacked presentation the flavors were satisfying. The beers were reasonably price, plenty of tv ls to watch the game.

Samantha K.
4 Star Rating: Good
We were looking for a place to grab a quick bite and watch some college football after spending the entire day drinking, and came across Stone Harbor Bar &...
by Samantha K. on 09/27/2019
Lorraine D.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
One of my favorite places when in the Stone Harbor area for a nice casual lunch or dinner. This time was lunch, started with a beer on tap, adequate amount...
by Lorraine D. on 08/04/2019
K D.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
Great service good food Good draft beer choices We sat at the bar bartender was very attentive and recommended some good draft beer choices The food...
by K D. on 06/19/2019