Reviewed by Len Michnik on 08/16/2019
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor Horrible service. I went to buy a desk and a hutch. But they told me the hatch is not available and I have to pay for the delivery to the store. This is wrong. If you display in your store items for sale Why should I pay for the delivery of your merchandise to your store?? The manager told me its a policy of the company. Tried to call their customer service, they refuse to do anything.
Reviewed by John Groody on 07/16/2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating: Average Very high priced things that my children will outgrow in no time. Is that really worth it? Not to me.
Reviewed by benjamin stammen on 12/22/2017
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor Maybe a nice shop... but difficult to check it out when shop is closed during opening hours. Opens at 9:00. It’s 9:40. After driving 30’. Thank you
Reviewed by Kristen Scott on 12/14/2018
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor I am a repeat customer who will be done buying from them today! Horrible customer service! Delivery fees are redicilous. Very unhappy former customer.
Reviewed by Megan McWain on 08/05/2017
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good The employee was very helpful in finding us the backpack and lunch box we had come to buy in other stores. I appreciated it!!

Erika M.
3 Star Rating: Average
A-OK. Cute, expensive, nothing spectacular. Great utilization of space. Attentive staff. Store is divided down the middle, right is 'boys' and 'girls' on...
by Erika M. on 07/02/2018
Jason D.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
This is a great little spot hidden away in a row of stores. My wife is HUGE pottery barn fan and is now an even bigger pottery barn kids fan since our...
by Jason D. on 08/25/2017
Rachel W.
1 Star Rating: Poor
TERRIBLE customer service! I walked in with my two kids looking at their beds for my niece, they just looked at me and never said a word. Just ignored me....
by Rachel W. on 06/13/2019