Reviewed by Ron Bach on 01/22/2020
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good I send my dry cleaning here once a week. Very thorough. Sometimes not perfect but I can my stuff in and out last minute no problem
Reviewed by Omar Cole on 08/25/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Love This Cleaners ~ Wheelchair Accessible
Reviewed by Tulip KimHuong on 04/22/2019
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor I went to this place to get my clothes dry clean three times. Each time I brought over 150 to 200 shirts and suits to dry clean. I never check on my shirts and suits after I got it from NuWay. All of my shirts, pants, blazer and blouses are brand name clothes such as Givenchy, Dsquared2, Karen Miller, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, etc. A few weeks a go I took one of my shirt out to wear, I found out that it shrinks so bad that I couldn’t wear them. I mentioned this to the owner of the store that they washed my shirt instead of dry clean and it caused the sleeves shrink 2 inches above my wrist. The owner does nothing about it and I told him I will bring it in for him to see it next time. Today I took another white shirt out from the last time I brought to NuWay to dry cleaned, the bottom hem of the shirt totally tore apart due to someone put it in the washer and dryer. The shirt shrinks so bad that I couldn’t even tug into my pants. I told the NuWay owner about this and he blamed that my shirt was old. If it was old, I would never spend money to have it dry clean. I checked on all of my white shirts, all them also shrinks. The color one didn’t, I guess they dry clean the color shirt but got lazy and wash the white one instead of dry clean them. One of my blouses was an ivory white, when I get then back from NuWay, the blouses was dull, yellow throughout and stain on the front and back. The blouses look like it was 100 years old blouses. It seems like they wash my blouses with other clothes and the other clothes stained my blouses. I never write review on anything and this is my first time doing this because I want everybody to be ware not go to this place. The owner was a white baldhead man, not only he didn’t admit that his worker ruin my shirts, but he also made me feel like I wear old clothes and that I am there to make money on him. I will never go to this place again and I make sure I will tell that to all my friends and people I know so that it will not happen to them.
Reviewed by Philip Brooks on 02/16/2018
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I arrived just before closing on a Friday night with my heavy winter coat. The pull tab on the zipper had disintegrated. I was going to just drop it off and let them replace the whole zipper. They were so nice!!! The gentleman behind the counter charged a minimal fee and was able to simply put on a new pull tab. JUST BEFORE CLOSING. Each time I go there they are incredibly kind and always smiling and accommodating. Best cleaners in Philly
Reviewed by Thomas Maguire on 05/30/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Quick service and good prices

Brian D.
1 Star Rating: Poor
If I could give this establishment less than one star I would. This business simply doesn't do it right. "Pressed" shirts simply cannot be worn off the...
by Brian D. on 04/26/2019
Samantha C.
1 Star Rating: Poor
One star is generous. My clothing did not come back even remotely clean. The girls working here were absolutely clueless to say the least. Bad service...
by Samantha C. on 08/22/2017