Reviewed by Alison Smyth on 08/30/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent We had a great experience at the music training center. My son was about 3.5 when he started and has learned so much from his 2 teachers. Sarah and Annie. Sarah moves which is why we we switched to Annie. Both were great with young children and my son learned to read music! We have recently taken a break from music but I am sure we will be back.
Reviewed by Matt Ercolani on 02/07/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Wonderful teachers, world-class facilities, and some of the best administrators you'll ever meet! Lauren and the owner (I think her name is Ann) helped me with my issue immediately. I would recommend this school to anyone!
Reviewed by Abby Turnier on 08/23/2014
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent The summer camp program at the Marlton Music Training Center is wonderful. My daughter had the best experience there! Each week the kids learn a new play, and by the end of the week they put on an amazing production. The teachers there are truly talented and gifted at what they do. These kids learn so much and they have such a good time doing it! We will absolutely be doing it again next summer. It's an excellent program and the kids have a ball. I can't say enough good things about this place. It doesn't matter if your child is a beginner or if your child has done lots of plays and singing before. Every child gets a chance to learn all about the theater, every child gets a chance to shine, and best of all every child gets to have FUN!!
Reviewed by leon adler on 12/07/2017
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor When I️ was younger I️ performed in numerous plays here, now my brother is attending and doing musicals here and I️t does not even compare to what I️t once was. I️t was terrible. The director Carlos criticized numerous students, all of which are 9 or 10 years old, especially my brother who was the lead role and was very stressed out over the situation. Also, the production quality was not even close to what I️t once was. Now all the students say “line” in the final performance, never did this happen when I️ attended this training center. The ownership should be ashamed of what I️t allows their employees and teachers to do, and how the program has changed since I️ have left the program. Absolutely disgraceful!!!
Reviewed by Carissa Gendrach on 10/09/2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Been taking our kids to MTC for 5 plus years now! Well trained, professional, instructors and the warmest staff you will ever meet! Thank you for all you do for our kids!

w w.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
Great lessons for my two kids. They make it very playful. My 4 year old daughter now sings around the house.
by w w. on 03/24/2019
R F.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
Great place for music class with the 5 and under crowd. Super understanding with make-up classes, sibling discounts etc. The teachers, Virginia and Anthony...
by R F. on 04/05/2019
Leah S.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
My son really loves this school. He's been a student here for almost five years. MTC is not just an outstanding place to take lessons. It's a very warm...
by Leah S. on 01/05/2016

Meghan is a GREAT instructor. Free WiFi in the waiting area. The performance area is top notch.
by Brett on 05/08/2013