Reviewed by Wendy Lane Bailey on 11/14/2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent A wonderful staff who works hard to ensure everyone has a positive learning experience. They obviously love what they do and transmit that enthusiasm to their students. Instructors work with each person who comes into the studio to set and achieve their individual dance goals, creating a unique program that helps them gain confidence and skill.
Reviewed by JoEllen Main on 06/26/2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent So fun! My husband , who has never danced and claimed he could not, and I, signed up for 6 lessons to prepare for our son's wedding. We went to the private lesson each week , 2 group lessons, and the party on Friday. The party is meant to acclimate new dancers to a real dance environment and such. The instructors, Christian, Rosa, and Melanie were amazing! I'm hoping to continue after the wedding! (Also, we met very nice people, all ages) I highly recommend it!
Reviewed by GC S on 11/03/2017
Rating: 2 Star Rating: Below Average I figured I'd share my experience of this place. While I was never a student of this studio, I took some lessons, group classes, and parties with my significant other at the time who took lessons at this location. First off, the primary goal of this studio is sales. They go about this by creating an all inclusive social club where they really only teach steps... At a snail's pace so you take more lessons. This in itself would warrant about a three star review. What knocked this place down to a two was the below experience. Be warned! One night I was there for one of their Friday socials with my significant other. I'm a better than average dancer, and this older man, seemingly fairly, new pulled me aside and asked some interesting questions. How many lessons per week so you take? I told him 1. He then told me that to improve, his instructor was pushing him to take 4+ lessons a week. They had told him he won't get better with anything less and he was feeling ripped off. Granted this was his problem with his money that he had created... But bullying types of sales really isn't acceptable when a good chunk of your clientele is elderly. It's borderline scamming.
Reviewed by Lara Beneshan on 03/23/2015
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent The atmosphere at the Denville Arthur Murray Studio is always warm and welcoming. The instructors are dedicated, friendly, good dancers, and good teachers. There is a great sense of community amongst the students, and I have made some wonderful friends while enjoying my favorite activity. The group classes are usually small to medium in size, so there is some individual attention even in a group setting. I love the way I am challenged by my instructors to learn and grow as a dancer in private lessons.
Reviewed by Joƫlle Cencig-Ferland on 06/26/2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I always wanted to take dance lessons with my boyfriend. We really love the place and the teachers. I recommend !

Random Thoughts C.
1 Star Rating: Poor
Denville Dance floor - very nice as far as the feel of the floor under your feet. However its extremely small & is divided into (2) somewhat pseudo rooms by...
by Random Thoughts C. on 05/17/2019
Margaret S.
3 Star Rating: Average
This studio has the identical owners as to the other review I posted. I've been here twice, and they had a few of the same instructors at both...
by Margaret S. on 01/17/2015
Chuck K.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
Two days before our wedding with one 45 minute dance lesson you had us dancing the foxtrot to our song with spins and dips to boot. Absolutely fantastic....
by Chuck K. on 10/04/2015

Arthur Murray Dance Studio
Bring your two left feet and you'll walk out dancin!
by Arthur Murray Dance Studio on 03/28/2013