Dean W.
4 Star Rating: Good
While the store didn't have what I was looking for, the clerk was very helpful and honest. I'm glad I made the trip because they carry things I may need in...
by Dean W. on 07/24/2019
Eric W.
1 Star Rating: Poor
These people are trash. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. They sell cheap products that break and accuse you of dropping it. And you can't do any returns so you are...
by Eric W. on 06/05/2019
Laura R.
4 Star Rating: Good
I just moved to the area went in to find out prices. Staff was nice and helpful. I noticed prices were higher than Florida but it seems like everything is...
by Laura R. on 06/05/2018

Nothing is good about thio pl qO:-)ace brought a grinder for 15 and I had it for 1 day couldn't return it and they wouldn't give me a new one!!!! Never going there again !!!!!!!!
by Dannielle on 04/18/2016