Reviewed by L Walker on 10/14/2019
Rating: 2 Star Rating: Below Average i can say is that at 9:00 am in the morning and the bathroom was a mess. I didn't even use it and walked right back out. How anyone can use it at the state that it was, is beyond me. I guess they really had to go. I couldn't even buy anything because, i figured if the same people that are supposed to be cleaning the bathroom, are the same ones making the food, then I don't want it. I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. I'm surprised no one complained about it. It was just gross. I've been to way way better ones in NJ.
Reviewed by E Lu on 09/07/2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good This is usually my favorite Wawa place. Today I ordered a sausage and scrambled egg burrito. I got everything in the burrito but sausage and egg... I think that speaks for itself. I don’t know how someone could miss the main ingredients.
Reviewed by super insane on 08/06/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Now that one is a Super Wawa all gas pumps the whole Wawa was remodeled if it wasn't torn down or this could have been one at the totally built from scratch I couldn't tell you I don't live in the area but I can tell you that when I went inside it is definitely benbilt previously and they remodeled the inside cuz it inside represents all the remodel Wawas that are in the Lehigh Valley. And I find them quite updating clean there's more up-to-date soda machines there's only one soda and beverage like Minute Maid beverages machine and you can get multi products out of it. Not like the old machines were they were just six or eight on it and you push the button lever and then you got your soda here you have a choice from 30 different Beverages and one little machine that is a size of the old I should say less than the size of the old soda fountain. The Ordering of the hoagiefest hoagies just like the other Wawa's they have posi touch to order your own sandwiches that is definitely cool then there's no mistaking on what you want and what you can get enter talking to a person Make at Subway where you have to talk to a person and then a lot of times you can't get enough toppings that you would want anyways. As all the newly remodeled Super Wawa they have a new hoagie counter that is much bigger and has more menu items that you can read off of their TV monitors. And those are really cool! The hole in store is remodel just like all the other ones that I've have been into and they are so nice and clean and well-maintained and organized. All the remodeled super Wawa's they have put the ATM machines and the back of the store which I think is much secure than what they used to be of being in the front of the store more secluded and you're able to watch your surroundings better does anyone can walk behind you when you're there by the restrooms at the ATM and just do whatever I think it's a security risk and this is a great idea to move the ATMs to the back plus also there are also backed by the soda machine and the other beverages. All the freezer cases and cooler cases have been updated brand new ones. The addition of at a little island of where you can get your salads and pre-made sandwiches is awesome to have just in case you don't want to wait for the hoagiefest line. I didn't count them but there's at least a dozen different kind of flavors of coffee that they got in the back of the store right next to the hoagiefest making station. They added donut display case that is free standing in the middle of the store so you can see them right away that's a good idea to place it there! Now they have the lottery machine along the wall by the beverages kind of like hiding on the side as you walk into the right which is much better then when they first put them in a couple years ago that they would be in the middle of store which causes congestion and people keep asking you what you can do for them which is nice for the co-workers to ask but and then people walking through your line which you know they don't interrupt the but they just keep walking through so this is a added bonus to get rid of that from where it was to where it is now High Praise on that! All the little Isles for like motor oil and for snacks and countless other things that I do have in my videos that are totally redone
Reviewed by Geoffrey Slack on 01/27/2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating: Average I work right near this wawa. Today i went to get lunch like i usually do. Ordered one of them special mac and cheese bowls they have just one problem there's barely any mac and cheese. No where near the normal amount they usually put in the bowl when i order it. Consistency is usally good here but I'm not the only person in my work place that has had an issue with they're consistency and shortage on food after you already paid for it. I don't like to complain but its happened to many times now.
Reviewed by M. Williams on 04/11/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Enjoyed their free coffee day.

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