Reviewed by Gavin R on 11/14/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Party of 10, and it was perfect. Our waiter was super nice and patient with everyone. The food came out fast, and all requests were fulfilled. My Chicken Parmesan was fresh and flavorful. I'd recommend the crispy zucchini as an appetizer, it was satisfyingly crunchy!
Reviewed by rebecca williams on 11/25/2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating: Average The food was good as always but I’m really disappointed in the customer service at this location. As a customer service manager myself I always expect the best when I’m out; especially at a place like this. We were out celebrating my birthday and we chose to do family style. I’ve never done family style at a location where we only got 1 round of appetizers? Not to mention the service was slow. I could see if it was busy but my party took up the majority of the people in the restaurant. Dinner came out slow and when we asked could we get another round of appetizers to go they only gave enough for one person. For 10 people? Outrageous. I love the Philadelphia and King of Prussia locations , I will stick with them.
Reviewed by samar godil on 11/12/2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good I attended networking event in this restaurant. I am a vegetarian and was not sure what they are going to serve. But turned out to be a really delicious pasta. Love their consideration and loved it when they asked in detail what I want and what they have similar in menu. Friendly understanding and helpful staff.
Reviewed by Zane Manley on 11/25/2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Good Probably one of my favorite chain restaurants to go to. They do a good job with their meal preparations and the service we have received has always been a bright spot. It's a very busy spot so reservations are recommended here.
Reviewed by ruth jenkins on 11/20/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent The food and the portions are worth every bit of the cost. Food prepared very well and delicious a long with the service being very practical. It is highly recommended that you have try if you haven't done so already. Please go...

Natalie A.
4 Star Rating: Good
I hadn't been to a maggianos in a while. The last time I went it was for an event, and most times I've been here it's been for events. This was my first...
by Natalie A. on 11/22/2019
Charles M.
4 Star Rating: Good
I have been going to this Maggianos since it opened years ago. It keeps me from having to deal with the traffic and parking of the Philadelphia location...
by Charles M. on 10/28/2019
Brian W.
1 Star Rating: Poor
A huge miss on food quality, taste and presentation. Question it meets with sue urbanization taste buds. Pasta with nearly every dish, cream sauces and...
by Brian W. on 10/19/2019