Reviewed by Aritra Sasmal on 08/21/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent We went there as complete noobs whose dancing looked like Jabba the hut choking to death on a sprig of asparagus, and we've learned a lot in just a month and our body movements have started resembling dancing. Would highly recommend.
Reviewed by Matthew Niedner on 02/22/2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Fantastic instructors. Alex and Karina are fabulous. My wife and I have been about 50 times and definitely are noticing the difference in our repertoire, form, and confidence on the dance floor. They also host fundraising events to support local causes, especially at the children's hospital. Some good karma there!
Reviewed by Greg Jagst on 10/22/2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Arthur Murray Dance Studio – Ann Arbor When I decided to take dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Ann Arbor, I expected straight forward instructions in my various chosen dances—which I have received. What has surprised me is how much this new evening activity has enhanced other areas of my life: it is a fun new hobby that has capped a couple work days a week with a fun, light cardio program that has lightened my mood and even enhanced interpersonal skills. I could shower Molly, Erica, Greta and Sammy with an embarrassing number of superlatives in regards their professionalism and interest in helping me achieve my dancing goals, but I will let suffice to say they represent their studio very well. Studio manager Raymond is running a well-oiled dancing enterprise. I truly believe the financial cost of the dance instruction will pay me personal dividends for many years to come. If anyone is ‘on the fence’ about trying lessons, I recommend carefully climbing down and reaching out to this Dance Studio for a complimentary lesson; dance lessons are not likely to be something you will regret in life and you are in good hands with this Studio.
Reviewed by Carter Sherman on 05/22/2018
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor I wish I didn't have to do this, but here it goes... I was introduced to Arthur Murray through a Groupon. When we arrived for a dance lesson, we were informed that there was an office celebration, and that space would be limited. We were literally dancing against the wall and bumping into it. There was only one time where the instructor attempted to play music that went to our dancing rhythm, and the song was quickly and rudely changed to match the needs of the party. I eventually purchased lessons, against my best judgement. Upon reflection, I determined that this was a mistake, and I asked for a refund. The contract states that I will receive my money back within 10 business days, so I patiently waited that length. On the 10th day, I called and the management had no explanation as to why I did not receive my money back. They later call me back and ask for my credit card information to process the refund. Clearly there was nothing done in the two weeks that I was waiting. This place is a total disaster. I highly recommend reading reviews on Yelp.
Reviewed by Kimberly Willis on 09/22/2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Great staff!!! They made my son's wedding day such a special day!!! Thanks Raymond!!!!