Reviewed by Samantha Hawkins on 09/23/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent My husband and I went to the Arthur Murray Cambridge location to prepare for our first dance at our wedding. We had a great experience taking 6 classes over the course of 6 weeks before our wedding. Catherine was our instructor and did an awesome job of making both of us feel comfortable and choreographing a dance for us based on our song choice. She also worked well with our different skill levels - my husband is more of a natural dancer than I am but Catherine was able to cater to both of our levels at a good pace. We really liked that we got feedback not only from Catherine but also other instructors and the owner of the studio too. We were both nervous about taking dance lessons prior to our first visit but the staff made it a really fun experience. Would definitely this studio!
Reviewed by Audrey Balaska on 10/15/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I first came to Arthur Murray Cambridge thinking that it would be a fun thing to do for the summer so that I could keep up with the people in my life who dance without completely embarrassing myself. I was quickly enamored with the positive environment, and found myself genuinely loving both the group and private lessons. I find that I’m enjoying learning a new skill, and am becoming much more confident in my dancing ability than I ever expected! It’s definitely thanks to the wonderful teaching staff at Arthur Murray Cambridge, who are amazingly talented at making me comfortable with being pushed out of my comfort zone. I feel like every teacher is genuinely invested in my dance education and experience, not just meeting the bare requirements based on what I paid for. Every time I leave the studio I’ve learned something new and feel more confident. Also, it’s just plain fun!
Reviewed by Meredith Slifkin on 09/17/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Arthur Murray Cambridge offers a welcoming environment with a friendly and knowledgable staff who will happily tailor your program to your wants/needs, whether that be something special for upcoming nuptials, social dancing, or, as in my case, high level Pro-Am competition within the international Arthur Murray circuit. As a result, the students form a thriving and supportive community of people of all different ages and backgrounds, who come together outside of their private lessons for regularly offered group classes and social dance opportunities. I’ve been dancing here for almost two years now after switching from a different studio, and I’m incredibly excited to continue to do so after having recently chosen to remain in the Boston area post-graduation solely for this purpose!
Reviewed by Juwina Wijaya on 09/04/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent When we found out there is a dance studio in our neighborhood, we jumped on the Wine & Dance event where we got a taste of the friendly and awesome Arthur Murray instructors and community. We feel so welcomed and we couldn't wait for our private and group lessons. The private lesson allows us to hone in on the specifics while the group class serves as a great overview for the steps and techniques of ballroom dances. We love being able to track our progress learning the different dances (there's a whole binder just for you!) and to get additional insights through scheduled progress checks. Special shout out to Mady & Dave for making learning difficult steps, uncomfortable frames, and all the nuances of ballroom dancing super fun! Highly recommend this studio to anyone considering learning ballroom dance!
Reviewed by Emily Sellman on 09/10/2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Loved learning our first dance for our wedding at Arthur Murray Cambridge. Catherine was wonderful. We had a total of 4 dance lessons to make our dream a reality. We learned the dance moves and choreographed with Catherine. Thanks for this great experience!

Jo Q.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
Very friendly stuff and knowledgeable instructors. It's a fun atmosphere but you also gain skills over time. I've been here over two years and would highly...
by Jo Q. on 06/11/2019
Suzanne G.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
My husband and I first attended Arthur Murray in May 2018 because both of our daughters were getting married in the summer. You heard that right, BOTH of...
by Suzanne G. on 12/12/2018
Candace F.
5 Star Rating: Excellent
Very professional staff who make sure you have fun- no matter the level of dancer! Instructors are as nice as they are talented. Drop in group classes are a...
by Candace F. on 01/01/2018