$30 Chiropractic

Reviewed by Alpha Apex Gaming on 09/28/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Phenomenal job! I love this place. Very nice people and very knowledgeable at what they do. 5/5 for me!
Reviewed by Katrina Jill on 09/11/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Dr.Elle is great, she engages with her patients and She actually listens and adjusts- I feel better and taller every time I leave. And Always keeping up to date with my attorney and appointments, by text notifications because of the wonderful assistance, Ms.Nacy. They are Very professional personal and insuring of a swift process.
Reviewed by t magaliene on 05/28/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I'm SO grateful to find Dr. Ellie after being involved in an automobile accident. There are several positives to my treatment here and I'll try to recollect as many as I can to document here. First, I appreciate the punctuality of the office- you walk in and they are ready. Having a Dr. who respects my time is huge and every appointment was timely. Speaking of time- I didn't need to spend too much of it waiting around as my treatment was thorough, precise and complete in 30 minutes or so. I can't say what everyone would need - I'm not a Dr. but my particular treatment plan didn't have me there for hours. Dr. Ellie also has a warm bedside manner - I was petrified of Chiropractors and straight up told her I don't wanna leave this place more jacked up than I came in. Lol She smiled a bit and gave me reassurance while I had a lollipop. Yes, I'm an adult and I had a lollipop I got from up front for comfort during my consultation. She talked me through what she was doing with consideration of my adult-baby needs and before I knew it my treatment was done. My fear subsided after the first treatment & so much stiffness/ pain was alleviated. I felt so much better after a few treatments..MUCH BETTER! When I was released from care I actually felt better than I did before the accident truth be told. My posture is better and I'm just overall better. I will visit to keep the benefits of her care going~ I literally feel 110% great. I hate I was involved in a collision to find her but I'm glad I found her. The facility is clean and the communication is professional/prompt. Nancy - the Office Manager- was a key component to my choosing this facility. The initial conversation was thorough , pleasant and I never felt rushed. The name of this practice is perfect- they really help your recover from your injuries to restore your health. I highly recommend Dr. Ellie. You'll find she's professional and patient with adult-babies as we all can be in circumstances that require doctors. I wish you well in your journey to health & I'm thankful this office helped with mine!
Reviewed by Trent Phillips on 04/28/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I had constant back pain that transmitted into my arms. I wasn’t sure if a chiropractor would help, because I had never used one. I decided to give it a chance and selected Dr. Ellie. I’m so very glad I did. I felt better after the first visit. It was amazing how she could tell so much about my pain and the causes. My chronic back problems are gone. Now I go for routine visits to keep adjusted so it doesn’t return. It works!! I have got to know Dr. Ellie and she is very nice and sweet. I enjoy talking to her as well. She listens, cares and tries to help all she can. She is a great person! If you have back issues I really recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Ellie. She knows what she is doing and can help.
Reviewed by Andy Hodge on 08/10/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent I am so glad I found Dr. Ellie and this practice. Super nice people who are always listening and making things easy. Came in pain and am getting better every time! Thank you for always being there and taking the time to listen and help!