Reviewed by Maddie R on 01/19/2021
Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor Worst orthodontist ever!!! Beware Dr. Galeano has NO IDEA what he is doing and he should honestly have his dental license REVOKED. He completely screwed up my teeth and my sisters teeth after 2 years of being under his care in braces. I paid $4500 out of pocket for myself and my sister paid $5000 and he gladly took the money and after we received horrible care and nothing but problems after the money was in his hands. His assistants are clueless and should have their dental assisting licenses revoked as well. Our teeth were left flaring in the front, our canines are spaced far from the other teeth and there is major overcrowding in our bottom teeth. THIS IS WHAT HE CONSIDERS TO BE THE “PERFECT SMILE”. In addition to the major problems there was glue left on my teeth and my retainers broke nearly immediately after his assistants made them. I truly hope no one else goes through the pain and torment my sister and I went through. Stay away from Galeano and go down the road to Goodnight Orthodontics. I will be sharing my HORRIBLE AND TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE with every single person I meet in the Tampa Bay Area. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR STAFF from both offices Dr. Galeano!!!!
Reviewed by Jamila Orellana on 11/03/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent About 2 years ago: I went in to my appointment without saying a word about what I wanted done because I wanted to see if Dr. Galeano would notice the things that were bothering me without me having to tell him. All he knew was that I needed a new retainer. He took one look inside my mouth and knew instantly that I grind my teeth and that my midline was off. I went to Dr. Galeano because I thought having braces a second time would fix my horrible midline. Instead of letting me believe that braces might help and are worth a shot, Dr. Galeano was honest and told me braces wouldn't fix what I wanted to correct. Dr. Galeano made me a great retainer that works in conjunction with a super strong occlusal guard (night guard) that he made me. My regular dentist made me 5 different ones and I broke them all within 2 years by grinding so hard at night (a night guard should late around 5 years). Dr. Galeano's night guard has lasted me over 2 years! A year ago my husband got his braces with Galeano and is getting great results without any unnecessary surgeries. Thank you Dr. Galeano!
Reviewed by Ingrid Lambert on 01/18/2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Dr. Galeano is a very professional and excellent Orthodontist. He takes extra good care of his patients and I will always recommend him. Everyone who works for him enjoys being there. I am happy to have found him!
Reviewed by Pam W on 12/28/2015
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent Dr. Galeano is a kind, caring professional. He opened his office during a time when they were closed when my daughter had only a few days before she traveled to repair a retainer. You, or your child, could not be in better hands.
Reviewed by Elisa Lopez on 11/13/2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating: Excellent